The Wepler Prize 2020 for Grégory Le Floch and Muriel Pic

What matters most, the prize or the party? We are entitled to ask ourselves the question when we see the literary community regretting the feverish DJ-sets of Anne Garréta, including Marie-Rose Guarniéri, dynamic bookseller of the Abbesses and founder of the Wepler-Fondation la Poste prize, which opened the ball (so to speak) by evoking the failure to the “big evening with 500 people”.Instead of this raout, they were, for the presentation of the reward, only a handful, with masks, in an office at Christian Bourgois publisher.It's also good.In addition, there was champagne.Like what the coronavirus will not have completely deprived us of everything.

Marie-Rose Guarniéri describes the award-winning books as "unclassifiable", "enigmas", and finally says: "When you arrive on the shelves of bookstores, you are problem books, but in a good way, you don't.are not in boxes."The rotating jury, made up of booksellers, a postman, a literary critic and" fine readers "(including an inmate from the Rennes penitentiary center), therefore chose for its 23rd edition" To travel the world and prowling ”, by Grégory Le Floch (Bourgois editor).The young novelist, also the Transfuge Découverte prize and finalist for the December prize, follows a narrator who finds an oval object, both soft and hard, on the ground, in Then begins a wandering that leads him to meet academics specializing in Israeli literature, a circus troupe and two women named Shloma.

"I affirm that the organ of Jacobson has in our body a high literary function"

Posted Date: 2020-11-24

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