Blu-Ray-DVD: Our choice for the holidays

"The Richard Jewell Case"

Last February, before the Covid-19 epidemic, theatrically released the true story of a modest security guard, wrongly accused of planting a bomb in an Atlanta park during the 1996 Olympics.Decidedly addicted to the great American news items - his fifth in a row after “American Sniper”, “Sully”, “3:17 pm for Paris” and “the Mule” -, Clint Eastwood first draws an overwhelming lesson in otherness Embarrassing, a little mythomaniac, decidedly redneck and honeyed, Jewell (Paul Walter Hauser, a revelation) hardly meets the standards of the great snipers who usually populate the old sachem films of "Ruthless" and "Million Dollar Baby" ".

His improbable legal imbroglio, however, inspires the filmmaker with anthology sequences whose sobriety touches the sublime, from a seemingly innocuous encounter with the one who will become his first defender (fabulous character of Sam Rockwell) in hushed revelations, sheltered from the cheers and hoots, like this decisive timing around a stadium which proves the innocence of the character, “the Richard Jewell Case” advocates sidestep and leniency as existential parameters.In addition to the “media” second chance offered to his famous (anti) -hero, Eastwood has the elegance to humanize at the same time the beautiful journalist who caused his downfall - a kind of reverse reflection of Jewell's American drama by Clint Eastwood (2020, 2:10).Hauser, Kathy Bates, Sam Rockwell.Blu-ray: $ 19.99.DVD: $ 10.Warner.

"Simply black"

How long had it been since we had seen such good summer comedy, which is more French? An eternity to which the actor-director Jean-Pascal Zadi puts an end by seizing a subject which annoys, well of his time: his fictional double, a Youtuber activist, announces to organize a march in favor of the blacks, the day of the abolition of slavery, will whites be invited? The women ? The Arabs? And why that day? The protest project mutates according to the sensibilities and the chapels crossed on the road of our influencer, at least as much as the film itself.While one could fear a long and repetitive sketch, the alchemy takes in large part thanks to Zadi's deep sincerity as much as his talent as a smuggler of humor.A cartoon character unleashed in reality, his innate sense of dilapidation and caricature contributes to instilling laughter without ever distorting his political struggle..

Posted Date: 2020-12-25

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